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Aril Brikha arrived on the electronic music scene late-90s… nothing less than by putting out his 1st records on Fragile and Transmat, both labels of Derrick May. From that time, all his releases are awaited with impatience for his unique flying sound signature tainted of Detroit Hi-tech soul. We were happy to meet when he came in Paris to celebrate french pioneer Jack de Marseille‘s 25 years of DJing.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer) + Guillaume Sigfried (assistant prod)
display pic: Paolo Campanella
Special Thanks to Fabrice Gadeau, Valery B and Sebastien Paul for hosting @ Rex Club
+ Fred @ Deep’Art agency
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… from his 1st gigs in Paris to friendship with french artists

… about the healthy scene in Sweden

… about Swedish House Mafia vs big techno scene

… about a different globalized world now and feedbacks from Iran

… on current works, collaborations + releases in the process

… about his track for Loveland festival’s label compilation

… on trance aspects in his music

… about his switch from hardware to software production tools

… about inspirations inc. political opinions

… about the development of his own label

… about journey of creation while challenge of collaboration

Aril Brikha about the relax feeling in Berlin

… about his joint-release with DeepA & Bri duo

… about Octave One

… about Deetron & Jori Hulkkonen

… about the labels of his special 2007 years of releases

… about the Man with vision, Derrick May

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watch also the duo-interview Aril Brikha x Jack de Marseille
while Jack in the Box Party at the Rex Club

Aril Brikha x Jack de Marseille in a no limit chat

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