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Jack de Marseille is celebrating his 25 years of DJing by setting up a series of gigs where he invites few of his best friends on the elecronic music scene. He launched these series in Paris with a Jack in the Box 25 years party @ the Rex Club and we of course were in the french Temple of techno to share these emotional moments.
So, here is the 1st video-series from that party… with overgifted (formerly Stockholm) now Berlin-based Iranian producer Aril Brikha in a free-style duo-interview with the French pioneer DJ.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer) + Paolo Campanella (additional pics)
Special Thanks to Fabrice Gadeau, Valery B and Sebastien Paul for hosting @ Rex Club
+ Fred @ Deep’Art agency
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… about the 1st time they met

… about Aril Brikha’s musical evolution

… about their relaxed human relationship

… on their hi-tech soul Deep’Art connection

… closing by taking their next RV

Watch also… the 1st extract of the solo-interview with Aril Brikha
(Full video-series coming in october)

… on current works, collaborations + releases in the process

… and check out also…
the 1st extract from the other duo-interview conducted at the Rex club
… feat. Japanese innovator Ken Ishii
(full video-series coming in september)

Ken Ishii (ft. Jack de Marseille) on an upcoming freestyle experimental album as Flare

… follow/support Aril Brikha, Jack de Marxseille… and us…

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