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2000 and One is a pioneer of house and techno, DJing and releasing music from 30ish years (in solo or through collaborations). More than being only an artist, he is also very respected for his involvment in the development of the genre with 600ish releases through his label 100% Pure or those he co-founded as Intacto or Bitten. We were then very happy to meet him while an awesome DRØM rave.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer),
Guillaume Sigfried + Helena Hurry (production assistants)
Special Thanks à LGML, Maïdo, Jehan, Laure & David @ DRØM for hosting
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Bonuses-series #1… about the scene in Netherlands

… about Amsterdam, electronic music international center of Netherlands

… about pure music of the Netherlands West Coast scene

Bonuses-series #2… about the scene in France and worldwide

… about the booming french scene

… about house and techno being all the same

… about music that will never die

Bonuses-series #3… about collaborations and milestones

… about Edge of Motion re-launch to allow young kids’ old-fashion experience

… about magic of artistic collaborations in studio

… about his break and re-start on records

… about friends and family

follow/support 2000 and One, 100% Pure… and us…

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