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Pig & Dan is a duo-leader of the DJ-producers raised in the 2000s. They produced 100ish EPs and 4 albums on labels like Soma, Cocoon, Drumcode, Herzblut, Bedrock and Terminal M…. and finally launched their own imprint Elevate 4 years ago. We were happy to meet few minutes before their set while Cloakrrom party #1 in Paris.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (producer/editor) + Irian Kirsten-Brandt (assistante production)
Valery B (producer) + Sara Swati (interviewer) for Rex’Perience Sonore on RAJE
Special Thanks to Fred B Side (Cloakroom) and Sebastien Paul @ Rex Club for hosting
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… about the 1st time they met

… on free rules while 4th album’s jam sessions

… about unpredictable track for peaktime

… follow/support Pig & Dan… and us…

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