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Inigo Kennedy is a higly respected techno producer for the creative orginality expressed from 20 years through 4 albums and 80ish EPs. And after releasing on labels as Missile, Molecular and his own imprint Asymmetric, he now is one of the headliners of Token. We were very pleased to chat with him just before… and after his DJ set a Skryptöm night at the Rex Club.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (producer) + Helena Hurry (interviewer)
Special Thanks à Electric Rescue @ Skryptöm and Valery B @ Rex Club for hosting
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Bonus-series #1… about Token

… about creation of Aesymmetric and now releasing on Token

… about working in Token family

… about Exhibit, Installation and label management

Bonus-series #2… about music production

… about producing less than before now

… about producing and DIing as a Live performance

Bonus-series #3… about UK environment

… on influences from teenager times in UK

… about Brexit

Bonus-series #4… around Skryptöm party

… about feelings just after his DJ set while Skryptöm party at Rex club

… about being a hero for Electric Rescue

… about next trips to Paris + upcoming release on Token

Bonus-series #5… about electronic music scene

… about waves on the scene in UK, France and all over the world

… about the scene in Netherlands, Georgia and North America

… about few artists

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