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Intruders tv gets past the guard of today’s big-hitters and tomorrow’s superstars to provide valuable insights into what makes a successful innovator tick.

Our relaxed, unique approach to capturing innovators being interviewed by their peers with experienced international industry professionals behind the camera conveys credibility and respectability both with the innovators being interviewed and our audience of early-adopters.

At Intruders tv the innovator is the star of the show. Across the technology, music, film, fashion, and clean-tech sectors, we’ve developed 4 unique programmes to provide our viewers with a candid, inside look at the business of innovation:

Fireside Chat Series – a series of one-on-one chats with founders and CEOs

Quickfire Series – 50 innovators, one question – talking heads making sense

Round Table Series – industry thought-leader debates

Launch Pad Series – learning from the experiences of CEOs and Founders

We’re happy to share our original programming with content publishers globally. Our content is already syndicated across several mainstream publishers.

If your business would like to have our content on your site, get in touch – our mission is to give innovators the reach they deserve.

Intruders tv programmes are produced by Intruders Productions Limited, headquartered in London, UK. Intruders Productions create original programming for our own TV channels, and for our clients. Get in touch if you would like to find out about how Intruders Productions can add value to your business propositions.

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Techcrunch : “… Intruders TV produces high-quality profiles of the continent’s most exciting startups and industry events, and regularly publishes interviews with European entrepreneurs and other industry pundits. The company can often be spotted at events across the globe, looking for interesting people to interview…”
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The Next Web

The Next Web : “…Headquartered in the UK, launched May 2007 with little fanfare yet impressed from the start with interesting, often personable interviews with internet entrepreneurs and industry players…”

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