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ANNA is a brasilian newcomer on the rise. After releasing her 1st productions in 2009, she now put out sounds more and more (with 15ish original EPs while the 5 last years on labels like Tronic, Twin Turbo, Kraftek and lately Terminal M). We had a deep chat about her music (from influnces to the future) few minutes after her DJ set while La Nuit Underground in Tours (240km away from Paris).

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer),
Guillaume Sigfried (production assistant – Flower Power) + Marion Abssi (support)
Special Thanks to Flower Power crew for hosting + Maxime @ No Sleep
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Bonus-series #1… about the scene

… about gigs in Tours, France and small cities

… on scene in Barcelona x Europe x Brazil

… about touring soon in USA

Bonus-series #2… about current stuffs

… about her remix for Wehbba + few others coming up

… about her track’s edit for a movie

Bonus-series #3… about production

… about Christian Smith’s important influence

… on her taste to machines’ touch

… on the view to change on female DJ-producers

Bonus-series #4… names’ game

… on 3 very close labels

… about 2 special remixes

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