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2nd part from our interview with DJ Bone while Le Batofar’s 15th-anniversary… focusing on his label Subject Detroit (see main video upper) then speaking about Motor City and few important guys in his career (see bonuses below)

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (producer),
Guillaume Sigfried (production assistant)
+ PhD in musicology, Mathieu Guillien (interviewer)
Special Thanx to Rihab and Julie for hosting @ Le Batofar + Ahnne @ BookRealDJs
Extra-mention to Antony Dupont for support on site
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1st part of the interview

… about DJ Bone music and techno scene


… about leaving Detroit ?… Family’s first

… about being a Detroiter

… on the meaning of his nickname

… about few remixes

… about remixes at a personal level

… about Laurent Garnier: ‘He is The One !’

… about Laurent Garnier: nothing but Respect !

… about Mad Mike

… about Juan Atkins

… follow/support DJ Bone, Subject Detroit… and us…

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