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Heiko Laux is the man on board of Kanzleramt, a very important label for a certain idea of techno development from +20 years. So, We couldn’t resist to meet him while an incredible DRØM rave party… And we’ve not been disappointed by chatting with such a interesting talkative artist. Maximum expression !!!

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer),
Guillaume Sigfried + Helena Hurry (production assistants)
Special Thanks to LGML, Maïdo, Jehan, Laure & David @ DRØM for hosting
+ Ligia and Manuela @ AD Bookings
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Bonus-series #1… about techno scene

… about coming back in France 20 years after

… about mesmerizing connection all around the world

… about absorbed sounds and connecting music

Bonus-series #2… about techno music

… about dreamy techno expressing a wish

… about result first in production

Bonus-series #3… about Ray Kajioka’s latest album released on Kanzleramt

… about his friendship and same understanding of music with Ray Kajioka

… enthusiastic about Ray Kajioka’s Consistency album

… about challenges for albums pushing the bar higher

follow/support Heiko Laux… and us…

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