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DJ Bone is in the Techno essence’s legacy. Following on his debut releases late-90s and especially his Riding The Thin Line on Juan Atkins‘ label, he traces his path on an independant way with his powerful and meaningful soul Techno without surrender to fashions in electronic music. We were lucky to meet while the closing night of Le Batofar’s 15th-anniversary and first chat around his music.

We then talked about his Subject Detroit label in a discussion which video will be published later on Intruders TV.

stay tuned…
Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (producer), Guillaume Sigfried (production assistant)
+ PhD in musicology, Mathieu Guillien (interviewer)
Special Thanx to Rihab and Julie for hosting @ Le Batofar + Ahnne @ BookRealDJs
Extra-mention to Antony Dupont for support on site


… about true Techno’n'House always raising back up to the top

… from unknown techno roots to education in music business

… about gain in popularity while maintaining dignity

… about the win-win around Detroit Electronic Music Festival

2nd part of the interview with DJ Bone

… about Subject, Detroit and few important guys in DJ Bone’s career

… follow/support us…

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