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Scottish Stephen Brown is one of these few producers making the link between Europe and the motherland of Techno. Released first on Djax-Up-Beats or his own imprint, Realtime, his sounds brought him on Detroit labels Transmat and Subject (respectfully founded by Derrick May and DJ Bone). We chat while the Batofar’s 15th Anniversary about how it works now to release his music (as lately on a.r.t.less, Indigo Aera or Technorama).

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer) + Guillaume Sigfried (production assistant)
Special Thanx to Rihab & Julie @ Batofar


… about his EP on Technorama Records

… about inspiring new music

… about his own label, Realtime

… about the involvement to make an album

… about his records’ series on Transmat

… about Detroit-like sounds and affiliation Scotland-Motor City

… about Indigo Aera and Subject Detroit (inc. Tru Warriors project)

…few other bonuses from our interview with Stephen Brown to come
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