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[vidéo-interview] Dominik Eulberg is a very special DJ/producer living far from big cities and close to the nature where he sometimes take the time to produce (4 albums and 26 EPs in 10 years, most of them on Traum Schallplatten). We had an out of time chat few hours before his gig @ Showcase Club in Paris for an Herzblut label night while the WIHMini Festival.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer), Julie Ways (PR/shooting) & Gaëtan (extra pics)
Special Thanx to Ina @ Plantage13, Marten @ Cocoon Booking + Stephan, Tiboz and Guillaume @ Showcase


Dominik Eulberg about musical family and brother

Dominik Eulberg about making (only) albums to tell whole stories

Dominik Eulberg liking french enthusiasm for melodic stories over the night

Dominik Eulberg btwn Frankfurt trance, Cologne minimal and Westerwald natural worlds

Dominik Eulberg about his best friend Gabriel Ananda + remixes by Max Cooper

… 1 other extract from our interview with Dominik Eulberg to come
Stay tuned…

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