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[vidéo-interview] Following on our interview with him in duet with Marc Romboy, we were looking forward to meet Stephan Bodzin again to chat more particularly about himself and his label Herzblut Recordings. So, we couldn’t miss the occasion when he came back to @ Showcase Club in Paris while the WIHMini Festival.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interview/production), Julie Ways (PR/shooting)
& Gaëtan Tracqui (display + extra pics)
Special Thanx to Ina @ Plantage13Stephan, Tiboz et Guillaume @ Showcase


… about Herzblut guests in Paris

… about Bremen changing + Herzblut french year

… about special connection’n'respect to Electric Rescue

… about switching over Jekyll to Hyde and projects personalization

… from 70s, jazz’n'classical roots to techno beats & sensitive melodies

… about rock attitude on stage

… about 3 artists on Herzblut/Plantage13

… about amazing John Digweed + old school Exit EEE project

… answering a question asked by Dominik Eulberg

… another extract from our interview with Stephan Bodzin still to come
stay tuned…

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