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Darren Emerson‘s name is so much associated to Underworld he joined in 1991… that one sometimes forgets he left the legendary band 15 years ago to focus on his labels (Underwater first, Detone now from 2010) or his own music (in solo or in duo as with James McHugh or as The White Lamp). We had a cool chat with him to speak about all of that while a P.U.R.E Dinosaurs party at the Rex Club.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (producer) + Helena Hurry (interviewer – Bass & the City)
+ Paolo Campanella (pics)
Special Thanks to Manu Casana and Valery B for hosting
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Bonus-series #1… about the scene

… about Ibiza, UK scene and intimate places

… about solid and massive Techno scene

Bonus-series #2… about production

… about forthcoming releases

… about working in studio with other artists
as Jamie McHugh or within The White Lamp

Bonus-series #3… about friends & family

… about his friends Sasha, Kink & John Digweed

… about his old friends Björk & Chemical Brothers

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