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[vidéo-interview] Pretty austrian Clara Moto represents with elegance the new generation of DJ/producers in the global electronic music world. We met few hours before her set while the Freakshow at Showcase Club in Paris and had a smooth chat about his upcoming 2nd album to be released in November on french label infiné.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazfy (interview/production),
Julie Ways (PR/shooting) & Guillaume Sigfried (support)
Special Thanx to Le Grand Méchant Loup @ The Freakshow + Stephan, Tiboz and Guillaume @ Showcase


Clara Moto loving to come’n'play in the very lively scene in France

Clara Moto about electronic music scene in Austria

Clara Moto about Mimu vocals + singing by herself on her 2nd album

Clara Moto about running her own label

Clara Moto from jazz/baroque/opera to electronic’n'hip-hop influences

Clara Moto about her 4 main influencing cities of sounds

… another extract from our interview with Clara Moto to come
stay tuned…

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