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Eddie Fowlkes is more than a pioneer in the music history !!! Called the Godfather of Techno-Soul, he is one of the 4 guys at the Origin of Techno (eg he is the 1st artist to sign in 1986 on the Juan Atkins‘ label Metroplex). We were very lucky to catch him up while touring in Paris for a chat from present to the past then the future.

Interview & production: Lanto Ratsimbazafy
Special Thanx to Master Seb


Eddie Fowlkes on the lack of funky soul and vocals in Techno nowadays

Eddie Fowlkes about the brainwash by american music industry

Eddie Fowlkes about production feelings, labels’ management and album process

Eddie Fowlkes about the Belleville Three concept

… 2 other bonuses from our interview with Eddie Fowlkes to come

stay tuned…

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