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[vidéo-interview] We may say lot of things to introduce Oli Cash who released 25 EPs from 8 years as Far Too Loud. But what more can we say… that we had the luck to meet in Marseille @ La Nuit Rouge… just few days before he released his Faster Than Light EP who became n°1 of the Top100 release on Beatport !!!

Production Unit: Lanto (interviewer/producer) and Julie Ways (shooting/PR)
Thanx to Fran and Ahmed @ Vision Music for hosting while La Nuit Rouge


… about France, Italy and excitement just B4 his US Tour

… about electronic music scene in his very cool Brighton

… about (not) making an album and setting up a label

… about 4 pretty cool collaborations for remixes

… about collaborations with artists for ages

… 1 other extract from our interview with Far Too Loud to come…
… follow/support us…

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