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[vidéo-interview] We may say lot of things to introduce Oli Cash who released 25 EPs from 8 years as Far Too Loud. But what more can we say… that we had the luck to meet in Marseille @ La Nuit Rouge… just few days before he released his Faster Than Light EP who became n°1 of the Top100 release on Beatport !!!?

Production Unit: Lanto (interviewer/producer) and Julie Ways (shooting/PR)
Thanx to Fran and Ahmed @ Vision Music for hosting while La Nuit Rouge

Watch also bonuses

Far Too Loud about France, Italy and excitement just B4 his US Tour

Far Too Loud about (not) making an album and setting up a label

Far Too Loud about electronic music scene in his very cool Brighton

Far Too Loud about 4 pretty cool collaborations for remixes

… 2 other extracts from our interview with Far Too Loud to come…
… follow us…

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