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[vidéo-interview] Chez Damier is a pioneer house DJ/producer representing from 20+ years the bridge between Chicago and Detroit (where he signed on Kevin Saunderson’s label in early 90′s). We were lucky to chat (especially about his Balance label re-launch) while him gigging @ Le Pigallion in Paris.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer)
and Julie Ways (shooting/PR)
Special Thanx to Master Seb and Ian @ Le Pigallion


… about the new generation with its own voice

… about the link missing between house generations

… about USA in the whole movement of electronic music scene

… about raves and Detroit sounds: from stereotypes to evolutions

… about 3 geniuses at the source of his music

 … few other extracts from our interview with Chez Damier to come
follow’n'support us…

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