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[vidéo-interview] – Mathias Kaden is a DJ/producer from Iena (Germany) able to excite crowds with funky’n'pumpy house stuffs as well as making people feel deep emotions with space groovy sounds. We had a very complete chat while a Freude Am Tanzen label night at the Showcase Club in Paris.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer)
+ Julie Ways (PR/shooting)
Special Thanx to Tiboz and Emily @ Showcase


Mathias Kaden about specific sounds according to countries

Mathias Kaden about groovy Iena and slower music in Germany

Mathias Kaden about his groovy deep track for the Watergate’s 10th anniversary

Mathias Kaden about his perfect team with Marek Hemmann

Mathias Kaden about few masters from his roots

5 special labels for Mathias Kaden

Mathias Kaden totally involved into records and interactive with people

… stay tuned with Mathias Kaden… and us…

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