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Mark Flash and Dan Caballero aka DJ Dex aka Nomadico have been djing and producing music for over ten years. They are two of the few artists signed on the legendary Detroit techno label Underground Resistance. We hooked up with them in Paris during their UR Assault DJ Squad tour.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (producer) + Mathieu Guillien (interviewer)
Special Thanks to Cornelius Harris @ Alter Ego Management
and Ranjii Maigur @ Shadowcast Organization
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… about Detroit Techno

… about Techno challenge in the short-term lazy US culture

… about spreading Techno culture to new generation

… about different respect for the music in Europe

… about less intensity in US nightlife

… about open culture impact on club scene

… about european-style clubs in New York

… about US Scene losing its flavor

Other parts from the interview

Mark Flash & DJ Dex about musical expression at the time of digital download

Mark Flash & DJ Dex on their musical directions

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