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Mike Butcher is european eidtor at TechCrunch and founder of The Europas.

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  • Europe gets its own Crunchies

    [...] Which is why I felt it was high time TechCrunch Europe stepped into the breach. But we didn’t want to do something which could be a called a “Europe Clone” of the Crunchies. We have to deal enough with the clone accusation as it is! No, we’d called it something different. Thus The Europas was born. [Play the video...] [...]

  • Danny Edwards

    Wow Mike how did you come up with this amazing idea for TC Europe … sounds like blognation.

  • Ben Godfrey

    The start-up culture in Europe *is* really exciting at the moment, a great antidote to credit crunch blues. TechCrunch UK and now Europe definitely deserves to take some of the credit for building a great community around those start-ups and entrepreneurs.

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