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Over the last few months while Intruders.TV Ireland took time to re-organise, we’ve seen a lot of activity among Irish tech types and entrepreneurs. Much of that activity is of the head-down, hard-at-work sort, but it’s interesting to note the growing trend of social events and face-to-face networking as well.

Open Coffee has certainly had an impact, and last year’s Demobar opened many people’s eyes. Perhaps Twitter has had an effect as well? Sometimes the best thing you can say in under 140 characters is: “Let’s meet up?”

Anton Mannering certainly thinks so, and after he got back from Paddy’s Valley he was sure of it. The result was Techludd which helped to brighten the darker months of this year with a series of informal social evenings for entrepreneurs and those of like mind.

Since then, Anton’s gone on to put his networking know-how to work with the Digital Media Forum with the aim of building an all-island Digital Media Network. (Click here to join the group on LinkedIn.)

Intruders.TV is certainly supportive of anything that encourages Irish entrepreneurs to come away from their PCs and smile for our cameras. It’s summer, after all, and the Bulmers ads are in full bloom!

So we’re coming to the party, starting next week at the Irish Firefox 3 Launch Party in Dublin. And we’ll be there in July at the Open Coffee BBQ on the banks of Lough Derg on the Shannon. Remember that entering the site is simply impossible and if you enter a query into your search engine then the first switch will be to the Russian version of this bookmaker, and it is not as profitable as the offshore one, where you can go through the mirror.

If you’re going to these events and you’d like to be featured on Intruders.TV, drop us a line And if you are organising a startups-related event in Ireland and you’d like us to cover it, give us a call at +353 87 7408056.

Thanks for bearing with us while we sorted a few things out here at Intruders.TV Ireland. We’ve got some great content we’ve captured over the last few months and we’ll be adding to that in the weeks ahead. Watch out also for our screencasts and demo videos coming soon!

As for Anton, we wish him all the very best with his next big venture! He and Jessica are getting married later this week. Comhgháirdeachas! :)

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