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We sat with Nikhil Shah and Nico Perez, co-founders of Mixcloud, in their warehouse in West West London.
Mixcloud is a website that helps DJs distribute and promote their mixes and radio shows more effectively, whilst helping fans easily discover relevant DJs and content.
They have given us 50 free accounts, if you want to have a play register with the invite code ‘intruderscloud’.

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  • Michael Murdoch

    Great interview with innovative guys! Love the idea and wish them the best of luck!


  • Jude


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  • Marko


  • James Smith

    Mixcloud and, two of my favourite things. Great vid guys.

  • Yogesh Patel

    Great interivew guys. Bring on the You tube of radio.

    Love the backdrop too.

  • fnoob

    Its a fantastic concept with some intelligent founders behind it. Really simple concept beautifully executed.
    Good luck…not that you need it! :)

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  • JasenX

    I gotta say I’m not very impressed with these guys, they seem to just be spewing forth a bunch of web 2.0 keywords. Have you checked out their site? Definitely NOT the of music! Even on their most basic of countdown page they need to do browser optimization and do some research in to what the most widely used resolution is (1024×768) and redesign accordingly.

  • Mike Tsang

    Wow – great interview, I’m not a web 2.0 head but found the concept very easy to understand. Can’t wait to use it!

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