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We sat down with Alexis Bonte at Le Web 08 in Paris to talk about Erepublik the Massive Online Social Strategy Game in which real people (citizens) interact with each other as politicians, entrepreneurs, soldiers, journalists and a lot more to establish organizations, companies and affect politics.
In eRepublik time is accelerated, with one year online year passing for each real world week.

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Best Moving company in SF & Bay Area.

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  • Alexis FAIL


  • eRepublik´s User

    The game has a lot of bugs. You can see the program language. You can chat the trivial. The web is down a lot of time, and it goes slowly…

    The eRepublik gold which Alexis Bonte talks about, can be cheated.
    You can use a bug and double your gold whithout limits.
    This bug came wiht de V1 (version 1.0) and many users use it to win wars, become supersoldiers or have a empire of enterprises. We told them several times, and they said, that it was impossible.
    The bug was used for users (most of them, indonesian people) to win everything.
    This Sunday, 20th of January, spaniards discover the bug, and use it without control, provocating 20 wars, superfights…It was like an eApocalipsis!!
    Since then, the web doesn´t work, and they ban a lot of spanish people. Why do they not ban indonesian or another ones?

  • spanish citizen

    Alexis Bonte ended with the persecution of Spanish citizens, you ‘re worse than the Spanish inquisition.

  • Alexis Fraude!

    Shame of your sons!!!

    eRepublik epic fail!!! Admins cheaters!!!

  • Halesis Vhonte

    Pitifully the game turned into a mess, lots of bugs, no work to correct them, cheaters during months that have not been banned, only when pandora’s box was openned they worked on correct some, not all, the problems the game has, after this they censored the articles that critisized the admin’s attitude and also banned randomly some users. This game is a fail, a fail of thousands euros.

  • Spanish Pride

    Alexis, respect the spanish citizens!!!

    eRepublik nest of bugs! Free Spain!!

  • user 1

    It is amazing how cheaters will complain about a game that has ended the bugs that they were able to subvert to their own ends.

  • Christine Bush

    I play regularly and really enjoy the game. I’ve never experienced any downtime and encourage you to join us.

  • peter

    fucking computerfreaks are going to destroy the real world while making a lot of money

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