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Håkan Lans is a world-renowned inventor, mostly known for his patents around color graphics for computers – for which he’s been paid lots of cash from some computer maker, as well as getting involved in lengthy legal battles with some others (who didn’t want to pay him). He is also a driving force, a patent owner and inventor behind systems now making it possible for airplanes to land automatically. His inventions forms the basics for the mandatory global system (dependant on GPS) all ships above 300 tonnes have to have installed to be allowed to navigate most national waters on the planet. In this interview Håkan elaborates on how these inventions came to be, why he’s had so much problems with american lawyers and how he will be able to go forward with his “biggest invention yet”

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  • Thierry

    Very interesting story.
    Quite interesting man indeed.

    I do agree with the time : builders-inventors must try to avoide losing time with legal stuff as much as they can.
    Most of the time they are not so good.
    They should stick to what they do best : innovation.

    But easier to say then to do ……

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