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Catwalk Genius is an online marketplace and micro finance site for fashion designers. Aspiring designers sell samples of their work on the site. Customers can invest in designers they like in increments of £10, plus a £1-a-share processing fee. When a designer amasses £50,000, the company will use the money to help the designer develop and sell a new line. It is similar to what SellABand is for musicians.

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  • Jelena Fehmi

    Dear Helen.
    Really good idea what you offering young designers.
    As I am working in college, I ahve so many talented BA graduates in fashion. Could I recommended them contact you, and you can be helpfull to each other.
    Good luck in your business.
    Jelena Fehmi

  • john moore

    good luck with the company.

    helen very impressive and obviosuly wears the trousers, mal seems to be a lap-dog !!! i hear hes a financial & IT guru tho so you never know – hidden talents

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