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Auren Hoffman an experienced entrepreneur who has built and sold a number of businesses already, sat down with to talk about his new venture – Rapleaf.

Rapleaf allows you to lookup the “reputation” associated with an email address. According to Rapleaf’s website “[Our] goal is to make it more profitable to be ethical”. Thus if you want to buy something online or hire someone, for example, you can use Rapleaf to look up the reputation of the seller or the job applicant.

To date, Rapleaf has created over 50 million personal profiles by crawling and correlating personal information on the Internet. Today, you can search Rapleaf for your email address and you will find basic information about yourself, such as your social network membership list and maybe your location and gender along with any user generated reviews.

There is a definite need for an online reputation service that exists outside of a “walled garden” such as eBay and it will be interesting to see how Rapleaf and other players such as TrustPlus evolve in the future.

… stay tuned…

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