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Qwartz is a project that strives to promote independent, abstract electronic music. Launched in 2002, Qwartz hosts its esteemed annual awards ceremony to support its passion for electronic music and provides valuable networking opportunities for labels, creators and associated media.
We were invited to join Alexandre Grauer, the founding father of Qwartz, for an in-depth overview of the festival.
Join us again for Part II, where we get to grips with Alexandre’s ambitions for the brand.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (producer), Eric Noel (production assistant), Jules Hallam (interviewer)

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To watch the interviews made while Qwartz Edition 2011, follow the links below:

How can Technopol help your electronic music career ?

Veteran producer Matthew Herbert talks to Intruders TV

Watch a fireside chat with norwegian improv duo Streifenjunko

FSK co-founder Thomas Meinecke tells of his relationship with John Peel

Forget subscriptions: Votre Chazam demonstrates prespricption music

Les actions de la Muse en Circuit pour un élargissement de la créativité contemporaine

Belgium’s Fractional music scene

Oliver Sens demonstrates the Karlax

ANBB : a shocking elegant experience to open the doors by searching the borders

Boxon‘s Julien Minet on the business of selling records

Shitkatapult‘s Daniel Meteo meets Intruders

Qwartz 7 winners Taiga Records on the value of artwork

An electronic expercience from 51Beats

The Detroit Techno Revolution lived by an involved and passionate Anthony Shakir

L’univers dark-expé vampirique de Fractional… loin du mainstream

All Female label Lentonia Records with Intruders

Shiiin at Qwartz 7

Up Close and Personal with Thomas Meinecke and Germany’s Techno scene

Mille Plateaux Labe Head Marcus Gabler at Qwartz 7

Qwartz 7 Winners Kvitnu Jon Intruders

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