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2nd part of our interview with Chicago house pioneer K’ Alexi Shelby while him being in Paris for a gig @ 4 Eléments.
After a 1st part focused on his state of mind when producing music or managing his labels, we then mainly chat about music production before to speak about albums, influences and friends & family (see Bonuses below).

Soundtrack (provided by K’ Alexi himself): Go Wild (extract From the Vault Vol.5 on K Klassik)

interviewer/producer: Lanto Ratsimbazafy
Special thanx to Ludivine Langella @ 4 Eléments
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Bonus-series #1
about production tools

… about production tools: from his 1st drum machine to softwares

… about History of music tools

Bonus-series #2
about production of an album

… about making compilations and a track album

… about releasing an eclectic album

Bonus-series #3
about projects form the past, friends & family

… on alternative projects as Risqué, Beat Junkies & Club MCM

… about DJ International, Djax-Up-Beats, Trax Records & Transmat

… about remixes by/for Ron Trent, Joe Smooth, Robert Armani & Paul Johnson

… about his bros. Ron Hardy, Franckie Knuckles and Marshall Jefferson

Bonus-series #4
about non-electronic music influences

… about inspirations as Stevie Wonder, Prince and Curtis Mayfield

… about listening hip-hop and r’n'b when not producing

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