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K’ Alexi Shelby is a Chicago house pioneer who put out his first records late-80s. And he’s still there keeping spreading the essence of the genre through his own  releases and his labels TecSoul Deep, Black13 and K Klassik. We were lucky to meet while him being in Paris for a gig @ 4 Eléments. So, here is the part of our long chat (2nd part will be published in winter).

Soundtracks (provided by K’ Alexi himself): Acid King (Original) + Klassik Strings (Wayne Gray solo)

interviewer/producer: Lanto Ratsimbazafy
Special thanx to Ludivine Langella @ 4 Eléments
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… on his gig @ 4 elements while cultivating his own labels

… about his EP in the Technorama Records’ Classic series

… about picking European bases

… about being based in Europe and life in Berlin

… on house & hip-hop scenes in Istanbul

… about UK Garage and experimentation sharing in London

… about good vibes with Chicago friends in Berlin

2nd part of the interview with K’ Alexi… coming in Winter
… extracts…

… about Ron Trent, Joe Smooth, Robert Armani & Paul Johnson

… about his bros. Ron Hardy, Franckie Knuckles and Marshall Jefferson

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