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Andreas Gehm released several kinds of electronic music from a decade on labels as Creme Organization, Bunker, Mathematics, Skylax or his own imprint Cologne Underground Records. But he is especially known for his acid sound. We had a chat about it just after his Live performance while a 3-nights event set up by french pioneer Jack de Marseille in his hometown for his 25 years of DJing.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer) + Corinne Gi (production assistant)
Special Thanks to Aurelien Deloup for hosting @ Cabaret Aleatoire
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… on always so much records still coming

… about funny stories of his numerous nicknames

… from his 1st album + few extended EPs… to his forthcoming ‘Worst Of’

… about France and inter-connected scenes all over the world

… about moving from Düsseldorf to Cologne

… about electronic sounds of Cologne and Germany

… about Mathematics, Bunker, Creme and Solar One labels

… about remixes for Hard Ton and Live set for Helena Hauff

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