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[vidéo-interview] – Creme Organization is a highly respected underground dutch label. We met his founder DJ TLR while a label party in Paris to feel how he runs his outlet now with more than 100 releases from his launch in 2000 (with artists like Legowelt, Aux 88, Alexander Robotnik or Orgue Electronique).

Team: Lanto (interviewer/producer) + Julie Ways (shooting)

Special Thanx to Rihab and Julie @ Le Batofar for hosting while the Creme label party

Watch also bonuses

DJ TLR about demos’ management via references for Creme Organization

TLR focused on Djing and Creme Organization management

DJ TLR about circular experimentations in an unthreatened EDM

DJ TLR from glam-rock to Creme sounds via hardcore punk, rap and jungle

… few other extracts from our interview with DJ TLR to come later…

… follow us…

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