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Perseus Traxx is a young music producer with an old school touch as well in the attitude as in the sound. Really much demanded, a dozen of european labels have now released his records (around 25 in less than 5 years). And he is more than ever on the rise with 11 records released just last year !!! We were lucky to meet while him being guest at a Crème Organization night in Paris… And we had a chat far from being boring !

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer) + Guillaume Sigfried (production assistant)
Special Thanx to Rihab, Julie and Sam @ Le Batofar + DJ TLR for hosting while the Crème label party


… about his 1st gig in Paris with Creme Organization

… on DJing and specs to play Live set

… about electrical carrier to continue the wave

… about sharing a vision just by making music

… about (not) wasting time by sending demos all over the place

… 5 other bonuses from our interview with Perseus Traxx to come…

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