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The Toshiba TG01 powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 1Ghz processor, powerful enough to drive even Windows mobile.

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  • Cesar Neri

    this mobile’s hardware should have the UI of the likes of Android or Iphone, Windows 6.1 on this is like a mountain bike’s wheel on a formula one engine

  • Calone

    Well said Cesar Neri. The Windows core looks so ugly under the thin skin of the UI. Android and Google phones manage to be more responsive with less powerful processors. If Microsoft decided to code efficiently it would save so much energy.

  • Astro

    Even the camera was falling asleep xD

  • james

    Don’t you hate it when the interviewer asks pointless questions which i’m sure he already know knows the answer to in these demo’s???e.g does it have bluetooth or hsdpa- i’m sure he has already read all the specs on the phone or else he really isn’t doing his job properly-please next time ask about something that isn’t on the spec sheet that will benefit viewers and consumers!!!

  • Brian

    Boring video.

  • coolfx35

    It’s Interesting that the Toshiba TG01 only has two buttons on the front – the home and the back buttons – and they look capacitative at that. The dial and hang-up buttons are implemented within the soft key area which is new in a WM device.

    Share your views at the site is only for TG01 users.

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