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Intruders tv is the leading provider of valuable insights through their unique approach to capturing Innovators on camera. Interviews are conducted by well known, experienced and international industry editors, hand picked by Intruders tv to convey credibility and respectability both with the innovators being interviewed and the audience watching the interview. Intruders tv carries out interviews that range from 10-30 minutes at leading conferences around the world as well as interviewing on the premises of leading innovators. Intruders tv also work on behalf of leading companies to interview chosen innovators on key topics that are affecting our world today. Intruders tv also provides a Video on Demand service to specific audiences requiring tailored content as well as in different languages. Intruders tv covers all the key industry topics in depth providing a compelling and comprehensive interview that can be easily accessed by any person wishing to learn and discover how others within the same industry have created success. These interviews can be found on as well as other partner sites. Intruders tv is headquartered in the United Kingdom.

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Vincent Camara, Head of Content and Co-Founder

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Techrunch : “… Intruders TV produces high-quality profiles of the continent’s most exciting startups and industry events, and regularly publishes interviews with European entrepreneurs and other industry pundits. The company can often be spotted at events across the globe, looking for interesting people to interview…”
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The Next Web

The Next Web : “…Headquartered in the UK, launched May 2007 with little fanfare yet impressed from the start with interesting, often personable interviews with internet entrepreneurs and industry players…”

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Accessoweb : “… voilà un petit mail qui m’a fait bien plaisir.  L’annonce officielle du retour de sur le Web, après quelques semaines de silence. Durant ce temps, Intruders a changé beaucoup de choses. …”
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