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[vidéo-interview] Kompakt ! Top 5 european electronic independant label ? Precursor in the german minimal techno sounds ? Core place in the records distribution ?* … We were lucky to chat in Paris with Wolfgang Voigt about this institution he founded in Cologne with Jürgen Paape and Michael Mayer in the 90′s.

* As a label, it is more than 200 vinyl records under the official Kompakt name… + many other ones on more than 10 sublabels. And it is also a huge actor in the core of the electronic scene which allows other independant labels to distribute their records.

Special Thanks to Maxime Dangles and Bruno Vecchio @ + Christophe Clément @ Le Batofar

Watch the 2nd part of the interview

Wolfgang Voigt, a Free Mind Painting Music across the Times

Watch also a special and exclusive video remix by Wolfgang Voigt:

Wolfgang Voigt – Du Musst Nichts Sagen (Doppel Voigt Mix)

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