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Shifted is a Berlin-based UK producer pushing boundaries of techno sounds from his 1st record in 2011 on Luke Slater‘s label, Mote Evolver (after previoulsy making records from early-2000 as part of d’n'b trio Commix). And he does that by himself through half a dozen of own projects or via artists releasing on his label Avian).
We talked about all of that when we met while a Skryptöm night at the Rex Club.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer),
Guillaume Sigfried (production assistant – Flower Power) + Helena Hurry (support – Bass & the City)
Special Thanks à Electric Rescue @ Skryptöm and Valery B @ Rex Club for hosting
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Bonus-series #1… about Avian and Shifted own stuffs

Shifted about working on albums to come for 3 different projects

… about the privilege to be surrounded by talented people in Avian

Bonus-series #2… about the scene worldwide

… about a scene hard to avoid in Paris

… about his jump from under-attack UK to florishing Berlin

… feedback on his 1st tour in South America

… about the challenge to play for the 1st time in Ibiza

about Paris & Amsterdam on top of the key scenes

Bonus-series #3… about various artists

… about few booming artists in all that happens everywhere

… about Ventress, Luke Slater & Sigha

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