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Ian Pooley is a pioneer of german electronic music from +20 years. Now based in Berlin, he previously particpated to the introduction of funkier sounds in the hardtrance/techno Frankfurt where he formerly lived. Then, he bridged the gap between techno and house through his 100ish releases (under 10 several nicknames) and his label Pooledmusic he set up in 2003.
We were happy to meet when he came in Paris for a We’re Houzz party @ Le Batofar.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer),
Guillaume Sigfried (production assistant – Flower Power) + Helena Hurry (support – Bass & the City)
Special Thanx for hosting to Elomak (We’re Houzz, The Freakshow, Sugoi Club) and Julie + Rihab @ Le Batofar
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… about his 7th album in progress

… about electronic music scene in France, USA & Germany

… about electronic music scene in Frankfurt

… about impact of touring and life in Berlin on production

… about making music with fascinating machines

… about friends from past to the present

… about wide spectrum of sounds in remixes for historical artists

… about 3 important labels in his career

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