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Jenia Lubich is a singer and composer in development from Saint-Petersburgh. Like in a fairy tail, she was spotted by Nouvelle Vague founder, Marc Collin, began to play with the french group (inc. a 1st concert in Paris at the famous Olympia), then released her 1st CD-album in Russia 4 years ago. We met while the russian girl touring again in France for the digital release of her debut album.

interviewer/producer: Lanto Ratsimbazafy
Special Thanx to Albin @ Agence Renard
Hosting: Le China

Soundtracks: ‘Russian Girl’ / ‘Rock’ / ‘Hrizantemy _Chrysanthèmes’ / ‘C’est la vie’
(extracts from Jenia Lubich’s ‘Russian Girl‘ album courtesy of the artist and her label, Kwaidan Records)

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… working on tracks for a 2nd album

… from Olympia music hall to her 1st solo concerts in Paris

… about her french connection

… about fairy tail from Nouvelle Vague to her debut album

… about few Nouvelle Vague artists

… about response to her music now in Russia

… about music scene in Russia

… about multi-influences contemporary artist, Zulya Kamalova

… about singing her songs free in Russia

… about solo concert vs playing with a band

… about her wide range of influences

… on the importance to write her own songs

… follow Jenia Lubich… and us…

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