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SP23 aka Spiral Tribe is a mythic revolutionary crew from the 90s that has marked the History of Rave Culture (especially as being at the origin of the free tekno subculture all around Europe). So, when we had the opportunity to meet 2 of their members, Crystal Distortion and Jeff23 while a Dixit x 23, a partner-party in Paris, we were first tempted to talk about their fascinating adventures from the past.
And finally, we had a discussion oriented to the present and the future… with an amazing vibe in the air !!!

interviewer/producer: Lanto Ratsimbazafy
Special Thanx for partnership to Olivia + Alyotis @ Dixit
and for hosting to Julie + Rihab @ Le Batofar
Credits (for display pics): Paolo SC Campanella

… follow Crystal Distortion, Jeff23, SP23… and us…


… on authorities behavior against rave’n'free parties in France

… about I Love Techno France cancelled in 2014

… about the change in the music system with Internet

… about the evolution of scenes in Czech & Germany

… about being always happy to come back in UK

… on the need of new music and vinyl

… about necessary collecting items

… about dubstep showing Internet as an accelerator

… about SP23 diversity of sounds

… about mixed sounds in parties

… about music they’re not supposed to do

… follow Crystal Distortion, Jeff23, SP23… and us…

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