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Soirée Records is a Detroit-based label strongly participating from 25 years to the vitality of the international undergrpound electronic music scene (with lots of vinyl records produced by artists from all over the world). Focusing on house music, the label especially is a part of the rise of the genre in the Motherland of Techno. We were happy to meet with its founder Derrick Thompson aka Drivetrain while Electrocity #1, a partner-party in Paris.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer) + Guillaume Sigfried (production assistant)
Special Thanx for partnership to Okin @ Electrocity
and for hosting to Julie + Rihab @ Le Batofar

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… ready for the upcoming 25th year of Soirée Records

… about mixing instruments, analog machines and digital tools

… about his french connections

… about special atmospheres all over the world

… about special passion in Detroit and door w/ EDM in mainstream US

… about house and new styles coming up in Detroit

… about a rare duo + 2 major Detroiters on Soiree Records

… about 2+2 german & french special guys

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