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[vidéo-interview] Sebo K is a DJ/producer merging lots of old school influences and especially classic ones (Detroit Techno/Chicago house) with modern European electronic sounds. He is also one of the most representative artists of Anja Schneider‘s exciting label as he signed the very 1st Mobilee record 10ish years ago. We had a cool chat while the latest Mobilee session in Paris.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interview/production) and Guillaume Sigfried (production assistant)
Special Thanx to Stephan, Tiboz, Guillaume and Valery B @ WIHM for hosting @ Showcase Club


… on international attention and so much parties in Paris

… about the bigger’n'bigger global movement in electronic music

… on legends of classic electronic styles and so musch various music to listen

… about remixes on few big labels

… 1 last bonus from our interview with Sebo K to come…

… support/follow us…

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