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[vidéo-interview] Robert Babicz is an amazing workholic of electronic music from 20 years as well as a producer (more than 100 releases and 15 albums under 17 differents nicknames) as a Live performer (able to play until 10 hours with his own sound materials). We had an awesome chat @ Showcase Club Paris while a Systematic label night.

Team: lanto (interview/production), Julie (PR) & Gaëtan (extra pics)

Special Thanx to Stephan, Tiboz and Guillaume for hosting @ Showcase

Watch also bonuses

Robert Babicz on the way to make a video-album ?

Robert Babicz about his 3rd album on Systematic: a new part of the story

Robert Babicz about frequent countries for gigs + Poland

Robert Babicz telling emotional stories thru’ the EDM fantastic phenomena

workholic Robert Babicz about early 90s’ new acid wave in Cologne

… few other extracts from our interview with Robert Babicz to come later…

… follow us…

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