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[vidéo-interview] – Gui Boratto is the Da Vinci of electronic music. In 50ish releases over 10 years, he has combined perfectly sound architecture with beauty of musical textures. We were more than honored when he announced us his current projects (4th album and own label launch) while the WIHMini Festival at the Showcase Club in Paris.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (interviewer/producer),
Julie Ways (shooting) & Gaëtan Tracqui (display + extra pics)
Special Thanx to Stephan, Tiboz & Guillaume & Emily @ Showcase Club  + Gui Costa


Gui Boratto about the super-receiptive audience in France

Techno producer Gui Boratto about his so rich Brazilian influences

Hi-Tech nerd Gui Boratto about his personalized Reactable app

Gui Boratto about his both analog’n'soft technologies to produce

Gui Boratto about arts all connected with the same question of structure

… follow Gui Boratto… and us…

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