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[vidéo-interview] – Debut of the 2nd video-serie from the discussion between DJ/producers Carlos Nilmmns and Christian Bernard Cedervall aka Bernadott ( also journalist @ Trax Magazine) exchanging here about characteristic of both music scenes in Glasgow and Paris.

Hosting : MB Mastering / Special Thanks to Hardrock Striker @ Skylax Records

Soundtracks pre-selected by Carlos Nilmmns:
- “I thought I Had You” (soon on Skylax Records)
- “From Sunset to Twilight” (from Subculture EP / Ornaments)

Watch Bonuses

Carlos Nilmmns and Ch B-Cedervall about heart/history of Detroit music

Carlos Nilmmns and Ch B-Cedervall about Glasgow’n'Detroit techno scene

Watch also the video-series about Carlos Nilmmns:

Carlos Nilmmns about learning, feeling, collaborating and evolving

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