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[vidéo-interview] GB is a very talented young producer from Los Angeles where his owns his outlet Gifted & Blessed. He has already produced a dozen of EPs and 3 albums under several nicknames. We had a very interesting chat few minutes before his very first gig in Paris for the Le Batofar’s 14th Birthday.

Production Unit: Lanto Ratsimbazafy (producer/interviewer)
and Julie Ways (shooting)
Special Thanx to Rihab, Julie & Sam @ Le Batofar + Gaëtan Tracqui


GB about Los Angeles music scene on the rise

GB about underground dance scene in Los Angeles

GB about Los Angeles rave culture & mainstream vs underground

GB about his outlet Gifted & Blessed, just a. home for his music

GB about impacts of his music derivative use (ads/TV/films)

GB froml earlier ears’ opening to his focus on a learning process

GB, a vinyl collector for the whole object (from sound to physical aspect)

… 2 other extracts from our interview with GB to come
stay tuned…

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