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[vidéo-interview] – Frankie Bones is a mythic figure in the History of Techno, especially for his role in the emergence of the Rave scene from late-80′s. We were lucky to meet him when he came for Brooklyn-NY to Paris. We so chat about him, raves and music from the past to the future.

Credit: Gaëtan Tracqui (display pic) // Special Thanx for hosting to P.U.R.E. promoters (Manu Casana and Steph @ Old School But Good School)


Frankie Bones about changes in the release of records

Frankie Bones about circle of raves and NY in a global movement

Frankie Bones about such a big scene in New-York

Frankie Bones about his vinyl culture inc. Sonic Groove early times

Frankie Bones message from the heart

… stay tuned…

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