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[vidéo-interview] DJ Per from Amsterdam is one of those DJs who wrote History of electronic music at a time there was nothing. He especially had a love story with France where he often played in the early 90′s Rave parties. So, we couldn’t afford to miss him for a cool chat when he exceptionnally came back in Paris.

interviewer/producer: Lanto Ratsimbazafy
Special Thanx to Nick V for Hosting while Mona @ La Java


DJ Per happy to play in a Rave Nation Tribute party @ Mona Paris

DJ Per about raise and evolution of House in France

DJ Per about Spirit of Rave Revival

DJ Per about underestimated skills of the DJ to create party atmospheres

DJ Per about his projects in interactive festivals

DJ Per about making a story with adventures in music

DJ Per about important people lifting you up in night adventures

… stay tuned…

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