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[vidéo-interview] – Kenny Larkin is already in the Hall of Fame of Techno, as part of the 2nd wave of Detroit artists who made its History. Still on Top, he is above all one of the very most gifted producers electronic music will ever know. We were lucky to chat with him just 5 minutes after his DJ set in Paris while the Technorama 7th-Anniversary party @ Showcase.

Team: Lanto (interviewer/producer) + Eric Noël (shooting and post-production images)

Special Thanks to DJ Jee @ Technorama, Jill @ DEX’n'FX and Tibo’z + Stephan @ Showcase

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Kenny Larkin so busy with touring…

Kenny Larkin about listening and producing music

Kenny Larkin’s message about open mind, easy way, making music…

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