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After previously talked about Live performance and made a feedback about France vs Mexico and Germany, Cubenx speaks here indeep about his music from his influences to his way to produce sounds… from the past to the future.

interviewer/producer: Lanto Ratsimbazafy
Hosting: MB Mastering
Special Thanks to: Virginie Freslon and Victor Joly for Infiné


Cubenx about alternative projects for his music

Cubenx about influence of girls and global environment in music

Cubenx about stamp of quality and structure to promote vs unlimited reach and underground following

Cubenx about timeless vs fast music + few artists he likes

other parts of the interview

Cubenx about Live performance and France vs Mexico + Germany

All about electronic music scene in Mexico with Cubenx

On your own again: Mexican artist Cubenx about his 1st album

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